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  • 12-27
    What are ball bearings used for?

    With aerospace, nuclear and industrial, electronic computer, optical electromagnetic instruments, precision machinery and other high-tech rapid development, the contemporary science, and technology level of the world bearing industry into a comprehensive innovation of manufacturing technology. Bearing is a typical representative of mature manufacturing technology. Read More »

  • 12-23
    Recommended reasons for ball bearing

    Nowadays, whether to use ball bearing or not has attracted a lot of controversies. Many people think ball bearing is an essential part of contemporary industry because it has so many benefits. While some think the price of ball bearings is a little high. Actually, ball bearing has become a common thing in people’s lives, but there are some people who still have no understanding of its importance and functions. Read More »

  • 12-25
    What's the development history of roller bearing?

    The development of bearings has been underway for thousands of years. With the development of time, there are a growing number of different types of bearings, which correspond to different use scenarios. For the modern light industry, bearings can be said to be the most important material. The appearance of bearings can help machinery to improve efficiency and reduce wear and tear, bearings can be said to be the product of technology. Read More »

  • 12-01
    What types of ball bearing are there?

    What types of ball bearing are there? In present-day society, an increasing number of ball bearings have appeared in people’s lives. Give that it’s a kind of contemporary material, and it has a host of advantages. The working principle of a ball bearing is very simple, it is to improve the efficienc Read More »

  • 11-22
    What is roller bearing?

    What is roller bearing? In modern society, an increasing number of people are concerned about the development of the industry. Bearings are an important representative of industrial components, but there are many different types of bearings. Today we are specifically focusing on roller bearings. Alt Read More »

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