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What are ball bearings used for?
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What are ball bearings used for?

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What are ball bearings used for?

With aerospace, nuclear and industrial, electronic computer, optical electromagnetic instruments, precision machinery and other high-tech rapid development, the contemporary science, and technology level of the world bearing industry into a comprehensive innovation of manufacturing technology. Bearing is a typical representative of mature manufacturing technology.


Ball bearings are very versatile and have many advantages. There are tens of thousands of varieties of bearings. Bearings are used in the support structure of many rotating mechanisms. For example, they support the shaft of an electric motor between the stator and the stator. Bearings are used in modern industry, especially in the light industry.


In this report, we will have a clear overview of ball bearings, and tell you what are ball bearing used for.


·What’s the definition of a ball bearing?

·What’s the structure of a ball bearing? 

·Where can a ball bearing be applied?


What’s the definition of a ball bearing?


A ball bearing is a type of bearing that consists of a number of hardened steel balls that roll between a metal sleeve on the rotating shaft and an outer sleeve in the housing, thereby reducing friction between moving parts and providing support for the shaft.


The dimensions of ball bearings are tailored to the application scenario and the production process requires precise calculations. In a simple word, ball bearings make the rotation of objects smooth. It plays a vital role in different situations.


Ball bearings have very little friction during the rolling process. At the same time, it has a limited load carrying capacity due to the small contact area between the ball and the raceway.


 In the normal working condition, the friction coefficient of rolling bearings is small and will not change with the change of friction coefficient. Consequently, it is more stable, the starting and running torque is low, the power loss is small, which could improve its working efficiency.





What’s the structure of a ball bearing?


Ball bearings are mainly composed of four basic components: the ball, inner ring, outer ring, and the keeper also called keep the frame. The basic working principle is to reduce friction through rolling. On the one hand, to reduce kinetic energy. On the other hand, to increase the efficiency of mechanical work.


Meanwhile, It should be noted that the ball bearing changes the friction method of the bearing and adopts rolling friction, which more effectively reduces the friction between the bearing surfaces and increases the service life of the fan bearing.



Where can a ball bearing be applied?


As mentioned before, ball bearing can be applied in many fields. There is no exaggeration that ball bearing can be seen everywhere. Take cars for example, the wheels of automobiles require ball bearings. In addition to this, ball bearings are also used in a variety of entertainment equipment such as toys, watches, electronics, audio, and video. Ball bearings are multi-functional materials with high wear resistance, and factories have high demands on bearing materials.


Before purchasing a ball bearing, please notice its sizes and manufactured materials. In general, large-scale ball bearing manufacturers are more reliable. 


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