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Recommended reasons for the linear guide.
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Recommended reasons for the linear guide.

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Recommended reasons for the linear guide.

With the development of society, the increasing demand for science and technology has led to a growing number of technological products being introduced into our lives.

The linear guide is a typical symbol of contemporary technology, the invention of the linear guide rail took place in 1932. After several decades of development since then, the linear guide has gradually matured. However, many people had no knowledge of the definition of a linear guide.

Noticeably, recommended reasons for linear guide will be clearly shown in this report.

  • What's the working principle of the linear guide?

  • What are the advantages of a linear guide?

  • Where linear guide can be applied?

What's the working principle of the linear guide?

The linear guide can be regarded as a roller guide, which is created by the rolling cycle between the steel ball in the slider and the guide rail so that the load platform can easily move linearly with high precision along the rail. Meanwhile, it can reduce the friction coefficient to one-fiftieth of the usual traditional sliding guide, which can easily achieve high positioning accuracy.

The design of the linear guide is simple. It requires a maximum contact area between the fixed and moving elements, which not only increases the system's load-bearing capacity but also enables the system to withstand the impact forces generated by intermittent or gravity cutting, bringing the action to a minimum. The forces are widely diffused and extend the area subject to the forces.

What are the advantages of a linear guide?

There are many advantages of linear guide rails, the first is high positioning accuracy because linear guide manufacturers have high requirements for raw materials in the manufacturing process.

Secondly, it has a strong wear resistance, which can maintain accuracy for a long time. It is understood that the traditional sliding guide will inevitably cause poor precision of platform movement due to greasy countercurrent effect, and insufficient lubrication due to movement, resulting in running track contact surface wear and tear, seriously affecting the accuracy.

Besides, it has a large load-bearing capacity. As a result, it can withstand loads in the up, down, left, and right directions at the same time.

Furthermore, it’s easy to assemble and interchangeable. When assembling it, it is only necessary to mill or grind the mounting surfaces of the guideways on the bed and follow the recommended procedure for fixing the guideways and carriages respectively to the machine table with a specific torque. This will reproduce the high precision of the machining.

Where linear guide can be applied?

There is no denying linear guide can be applied widely in the world. For instance, Linear guide is used in automation machinery mostly, such as industrial machine tools, bending machines, laser welding machines, and so on, but linear guide and linear axis are matching with, the linear guide can not be used independently.

The power industry, data communications industry, urban rail transportation industry, automotive industry, and shipbuilding, and other industries continue to expand. Enterprise demand for linear guides will also grow rapidly, the future of the linear guide industry there is a huge potential for development.


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